Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Year Sales 2010

Wish everyone happy new year 2010 !! In coming new year, my ready to sell bettas are red betta ! Most of the male got red colour and female light body with red tail. Their tail type I consider it should be super delta or lucky might get halfmoon.
One of the male to show how they look like. FOR SALE NOW !!
Price depends on how many stocks left and types. For sure reasonable.
Female red and another type which got silver colour and some is even white colour.
I hope to meet more breeder in kuching or anybody that interested to keep betta fish.

Some simple info for beginner:
1. Have most basic equipment : Aquarium (size depends on how many you keep), Fish food.
2. Knowledge : Knowledge about what is betta fish, their types, gene, how to take care and others. All this you can get information internet. No worry ~
3. Have passion : Must have at least a bit passion and interest in keep bettas fish, have to spend a bit time to take care it.
4. Sources of betta fish : Where to get betta fish? Local fish shop, friend, online and of course ME.
5. To become a breeder : Must have 1-4 and understand the process of breeding !
Last and not least, wish everyone happy new year 2010, enjoy keeping betta fish !!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kuching Betta Fish

I am Kuching Betta Fish Breeder, still consider beginner, and now I have some betta. Anybody interested can always contact me at 016-8859068 (Ah Foo). I will keep update what betta fish coming up in future to share with every one. Hope every betta player enjoy play betta fish !! :)