Monday, May 3, 2010


Aquascaping 01 - The Edge Of Shapness Canyon

A bit thinking too much to name this aquascaping. Anyway just name it for fun only. This is the first aquascaping I do. Still dint put water filter, duno it will affect anything or not. Water slightly blur might cause by the sand I put in and no water filter. Suppose need use what soil that sell at shop, but I use very cheap method haha. The plant also use cheap plant which do not need CO2. Hopefully these plant can grow well without those soil !
Although it is still not look quite nice, but I quite happy with it, aquascaping really can give a good sight for eye, feeling very nice art and the beauty of underwater, it make me really feel
Relax & Enjoy !

Waiting for the Fry Growth Period !

Quite a long time I dint update my blog because I dont have much new betta to show yet. For the moment, got 8 batch of fry still growing, 2 batch might can see in bigger size one month later. These few batch got red dragon, white hmpk or pk, bicolor delta, and duno yet.

Random photo from one of the red betta batch. Bigger liao.

One of the Plakat that I like his colour and clean body.