Sunday, June 14, 2009

Alot Of Breeding Going On

It's about time to do experiment and serious breeding from now on.

Black Copper Halfmoon Male + First breed daughter = Fry Ready Swim Today
Salamander Male (Father) + Daughter = Fry Ready Swim Today (Alot)
White yellow Male (siblings) + white yellow female = Fry Ready Swim (mix with halfmoon fry)
Fully silver/grey Male + siblings female = Fry weak and most not survive
(reason : tank without any condition)

Tail Salamander Male + (Mother) Platinum White = Fry Ready Swim (Litle)
Notice that Tail Salamander Male have 4 ray tail surprisely that others siblings mostly are 2 ray. This must be a great chance to breed on this line. Going to breed once again with cambodia female.

All the fish in the website is out of stock however there is still alot siblings in tank which ready to sell.

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