Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Outdoor Planted Tank

Let me intro my outdoor planted tank. Haha.. This is slightly different from those very beautiful Co2 tank. There is about 8 tank full of the round round leaf plant. What is so special about them?

Actually I start with only 1 tank for these plant. Later on I franchise them to each of the plant which mean every tank the plant is actually connected to each other from the main branch.. haha. I guest no one else did something like me.. hope so.. keke

This plant consider a good plant for me cause it make me feel the water will become quite clean and my betta fish actually looks quite safe to live in these tank without changing water whole year or even longer it suppose... haha. I just need adding water time to time. Hoola.. anyway I going to play CO2 planted tank soon.. hehe..

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