Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big Restructuring To My Betta Cribs

Well, finally I got time to tidy up my betta cribs. A bit left behind them for some time due to certain reason, although I said chinese new year want to breed betta, I still fail to do it, maybe only got a few fry that are surviving without food provided haha.. That's why this time I do a big clean up because really too dirty and mess already.

Forget to take before after photo.. but for those who ever come.. sure they can see a little different because its only 60% of cleaning stage haha. Next week gonna tidy again, weekday after working already evening.. quite hard to take time to tidy it.
This part I want reserve some space for planted tank aquarium hihihi.. halfway of cleaning raining ! I feel really excited when I collected so many bottle of water.. hahaha.. no need waste money for using pipe water..

See.. alot bottle.. collect from front house then bring to back house.. susah betul hahaha.. anyway still feel very meaningful because I get FREE WATER and so many for the first time.. We should collect water everytime raining ! Why waste it while some country dont even got water to use leh.. We never appreciate the rain falls to us.. but Today I did :D cheers


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